One-North is a subzone and business park located in the western part of Singapore, known for its vibrant and innovative environment. It is considered as a prime location for real estate buyers, with various properties available for investment. In this article, we will highlight some of the location features of One-North that make it an attractive option for real estate investments. Discover additional information about the subject by visiting this recommended external website. Review this helpful resource!


One of the location features that make One-North an ideal investment opportunity is accessibility. The area is accessible through various transportation modes, making it convenient for residents and workers. The One-North MRT station and Buona Vista MRT interchange station are in close proximity, and there are also public buses that ply the area. In addition, One-North is located near the Ayer Rajah Expressway, making it easy to navigate around the city. The accessibility of One-North is a significant factor for real estate buyers, as it can increase the demand for properties in the area and lead to higher rental yields.

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Technology and Innovation Hub

One-North is a hub for technology and innovation in Singapore. The area houses more than 400 companies, including startups, multinational corporations, and research institutes. One-North is home to various research and development facilities, such as A*STAR and Fusionopolis, which contribute to the area’s dynamic environment. As a result, One-North has a high concentration of talent and expertise in various fields, making it an attractive location for businesses to set up shop. This aspect of the area also attracts real estate buyers, as it can result in a high demand for residential and commercial properties.

Greenery and Amenities

Despite being an industrial and business area, One-North has various green spaces and amenities that make it convenient and attractive to residents and workers. One-North Park is a 16-hectare park in the area that provides a green sanctuary for visitors. The park has a jogging track, fitness stations, and interactive art installations. Additionally, there are various amenities in the area, such as shopping malls, eateries, and childcare facilities. These amenities make One-North a convenient location for residents and workers, which can impact the demand for properties in the area.

Culture and Arts

One-North has a vibrant arts and culture scene, with various cultural institutions and creative spaces in the area. Biopolis is a research hub that also hosts various galleries and exhibitions, showcasing the intersection of art and science. There are also various cultural institutions in the area, such as the Esplanade Theatre and the Asian Civilisations Museum, which provide opportunities for residents and visitors to explore and appreciate the arts. This aspect of the area can make it an attractive location for real estate buyers who value access to cultural and artistic experiences. Gain further insights about Blossoms By The Park Https://Www.Theblossomsbythepark.Com.Sg with this external source.


One-North is a prime location for real estate investments, with various features that make it attractive to buyers. The accessibility of the area, its status as a technology and innovation hub, its greenery and amenities, and its vibrant arts and culture scene are some of the factors that contribute to its appeal. For investors looking to invest in Singapore’s real estate market, One-North should be a promising option to consider.

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Location Features of One-North for Real Estate Buyers
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